Beschreibung:Our boots do have a roomy toe box without being sloppy which allow the toes to wiggle and therefore to help keep you stable. A better, overall comfort is provid. Thanks to the midsoles we use, our boots flex at the correct flex point, following the natural movement of the foot when walking, and the midsole in combination with the last and the upper ensure a correct and firm arch, ankle and torsional support, which are mostly appreciated when carrying loads or traversing. The upper signs and padd collars ensure a good comfort zone around the ankle and we make sure the contact between the boot upper and the foot is even. The heel and the toe cup together with the sculptured padding will help hold the foot in place and protect it from stones and pointed rocks. The removable easy-to-wash Zamberlan footbeds are anatomically signed to grant a comfortable home for your feet. They take into account features like shock absorption, moisture and foot perspiration wicking, internal stability, helping to ensure a comfortable "insi the boot" environment. After some break in, the boots will become gradually more comfortable and they will fully adapt to the individual foot shape, soon becoming old friends!

4 Womens Lite Boots UK GTX Zamberlan Walking Chestnut 5 Trail q0twfpHp





4 Womens Lite Boots UK GTX Zamberlan Walking Chestnut 5 Trail q0twfpHp

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